Visionary, values-driven business leadership

Our ‘Authentic Core Values’ determine ‘who we work with’.

  • Learning & Teaching Business AND Personal Transformation
  • Values Driven
  • Fair Exchange
  • Authentic Servant Leadership (Low ego)
  • Systems Building
  • Confidentiality

What is ‘visionary business leadership’?

In their best selling book ‘Built to Last’ the authors Jerry Porass and Jim Collins concluded after years of analysing over 100 years of data of thousands of businesses listed on the stock exchange that “Visionary businesses outperform the stock market average performance levels by 16-fold!”
Visionary business leaders have ‘vivid, inspiring and purposeful visions‘ that are like ‘a leadership compass’ providing crystal clear CLARITY of direction and business priorities! Also visionary leaders are able to effectively communicate such visions inspiring their teams to excel and thrive even in the most challenging conditions.

Monumental Myths & Common Mistakes
When Identifying Your Business’ Authentic  Core Values!

The majority of business leaders make some fundamental mistakes when attempting to identify the core values of their business. These mistakes are largely based around a lack of understanding the key principles of ‘Axiology’. Axiology is ‘the study of values and worth’.
Only when you are focused on the ‘most authentic core values’ of your business can it begin to approach it’s potential.  Let us consider some of the most common mistakes and myths we have encountered over the years we have been helping business leaders to identify and apply their ‘authentic core values’ ….

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