March Book of the Month “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck!”

By Mark Manson

Other than the obvious profanities in this book, the author does something, which is part of my everyday work, he challenges many commonly held philosophies that shape every aspect of human existence! He challenges many conscious and unconscious beliefs and assumptions that disempower people’s lives. Illustrating this point he eloquently states ….

“Highs come in many forms whether it is a substance like alcohol, moral righteousness that comes from blaming others, or the thrill of some new risky adventure. Highs are shallow and unproductive ways to go about one’s life.
Much of the self-help world is predicated on peddling highs to people rather than solving legitimate problems, many self-help gurus teach you new forms of denial and pump you up with exercises that feel good in the short-term while ignoring the underlying issue.”

15 years ago, I left the world of pursuing ‘positive thinking’ when I started working with my mentor Dr. John Demartini.  I realized that the human experience, like every aspect of the vast known universe, is actually ‘a balance of positive and negative’ and of ‘challenge and support’, this is very much the essence of much of the content of this book which will challenge and stretch most people’s thinking in a way that my thinking was profoundly stretched 15 years ago.

Does the profane title of this book put you off reading it, or stoke your curiosity? Believe it or not “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k!” is a New York Times bestseller so whilst many people will undoubtedly find the language profane many people have been compelled to buy and read it.

If you can see beyond the profane title and language used in this book you may well find some wisdom that challenges some life-long perceptions.  Whilst it is not my style, it could be argued that Mark Manson’s use of the ‘f word’ in this book actually adds a lot to the book’s message as it conveys a level of intensity that can be useful in distracting old thinking patterns.

Some people may find the content a little uncomfortable, with lines like ….

“Happiness requires struggle!”

“What is the pain you want to sustain?”

“Emotions are overrated… They are feedback mechanisms of something that needs addressing”

 “Giving a f**k about too many things is what f**ks you up! When you learn how to not give a f**k it liberates you!”

“The man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

“Positive thinking gurus are teaching a false construct.”

“You can choose the meaning of any event.” 

The author provides many examples of how “Commitment is your greatest freedom!” He explains this apparent contradiction by explaining that be focusing on a few things that are most valuable to you, enables you to achieve something more meaningful and fulfilling.  Whereas most people’s modern-day lives are full of too many options to do too many things with overwhelming noises and distractions.  

If you can look beyond the ‘in your face profanities’ that are liberally sprinkled throughout this book you will find a powerful philosophy beyond the world of ‘positive thinking’.

If you are interested in pushing the boundaries of your mind and your thought leadership capabilities then this book is a must-read!