“My Big Toe ‘Awakening’!”

by Thomas Campbell

The word ‘TOE’ in the context of this book title is an acronym for ‘Theory Of Everything’! Reading this book has expanded my ‘mind’ and my ‘conscious awareness’ more so than any previous book I have read. The book is as much about spirituality as it is about science, written by a man who is uniquely and profoundly experienced in both these fields.

This book is called “My Big Toe ‘Awakening’!” which is the first part of this profound trilogy, the second book is called “My Big Toe ‘Discovery’!” and the third book is called “My Big Toe ‘Inner Workings’!”

When my good friend Peter Sage (The author of the brilliant book ‘The Inside Track’) recommended this book to me, he said that it is ‘not for the feint hearted’ and boy was he right!  Whilst this book is written by a hard-core scientist, he uses words that anyone can understand, however, understanding the concepts he is presenting and assimilating them, does require dealing with some ‘confusion’ and some reflection. However, what I have learned over the years is that ‘embracing confusion’ is an essential requirement in expanding your conscious awareness.

Peter told me that it is probably the most important book he has ever read and that reading it significantly changed his life!  It is a book that is not a quick read, but only a few chapters in I began to feel the same way.

From my own perspective, this might sound a bit random, but as I write this review, I realise that as I was about 1 week into reading it about 2 weeks ago that I chose to let go of consuming Caffeine, Alcohol and Refined Sugar, it just happened. For someone who drank at least 3 cups of coffee and 1 caffeinated tea every day, often accompanied by a biscuit, that is a big deal!  But it was relatively straight forward, I didn’t plan it, I just felt drawn to do it whilst reading the book and expanding my awareness.
My experiences have showed me that challenging myself to expand my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness of my inner world and my outer world has empowered me to live a more fulfilled life.

Absolute Unbounded Oneness – AUO
To explain his ‘Theory Of Everything’ Campbell says he relies on 2 assumptions to be true:

  1. The truth of objective data
  2. The existence of ‘Absolute Unbounded Oneness’ which Campbell prefers to call ‘AUO’ the infinite non-physical energy that enables consciousness that ultimately connects all that exists (perceived and unperceived).

From a technical perspective this is the most difficult book to write a brief review on because of the very nature and magnitude of the subject matter the ‘Theory Of Everything’. No book I have previously read, looks to bring together and to transcend the 2 dominant elements that dominate human awareness which are ‘logical knowledge’ and ‘mystical beliefs’. Campbell also refers to this as ‘Objective causality’ versus ‘mystical beginnings’! He stresses the importance of an individual not relying on ‘experts’ to help them understand what is ‘knowledge’ and what is ‘belief’. When we identify a belief, either our own or someone else’s, it is down to us to openly, but sceptically look for independent and measurable verifications that turn our beliefs to our knowledge aka ‘our truths’.

“Believing what others say is a risky business …. you must make your own trip with subjective consciousness.” Thomas Campbell

I can often read a book in a day or two, but not this one! This book and the other 2 in the trilogy are not designed to be read and understood in one sitting, the ideas presented by Campbell push your mind to the absolute boundaries of your thinking. You sometimes need to take a break from reading a concept that Campbell presents to fully digest it and reach conclusions that may change the way you look at your reality.  I am taking my time re-reading this first book and I may well read it a third time before I even attempt to read the second book in the trilogy.

When studying for his degree Campbell shares how he learned to master Transcendental Meditation and also met a successful entrepreneur called Robert A Munroe who had written a best-selling book called ‘Journeys Out Of The Body!’ Munroe was able to teach Campbell how to explore and indeed measure the world of non-physical reality.  Campbell eventually ended up working for Munroe who funded the construction of an advance science laboratory with equipment that read electrical fields and impulses from the human body, specifically designed to help measure electrical fields and activities from out of body experiences.   

Campbell points out that many aspects of logical rational science today were once considered mystical. This means equally today that there are things that ‘logical rational science’ ignores or sets aside as ‘mystical’ which could one day be proven logical and rational. He points out the irony that by ‘setting aside anything mystical’ that ‘logical, rational science’ is itself being ‘illogical, irrational and mystical’!  

Campbell shares his own journey of science student who discovered Transcendental Meditation and began to discover and scientifically analyse many ‘non-physical’ realities.  He encourages everyone to take their own journey and find their won truth and he encourages that you question everything in the book that is his truth.

None of these books are a ‘read in one go book’ I am still trying to assimilate the content of book one and I have already started to re-read it in chunks.

Campbell – One of the great polymaths
In my view Thomas Campbell is one of the greatest polymaths in history, polymaths are people who demonstrate incredible levels of across multiple learning disciplines from science to the paranormal. Campbell has worked in nuclear science and helped to build the most advanced missile defence systems in the world, on the other hand as a student he got deeply into multiple aspects of Transcendental Meditation and learned much about the ‘non-physical world’ that is generally dismissed by most traditional scientists.

Some of the great polymaths in history include Leonardo DaVinci, Isaac Newton (who unknown to many wrote books on Alchemy), Dr John Demartini (One of my great mentors) and of course Thomas Campbell.

Albert Einstein once famously said “Question Everything” . In this first book of his trilogy Campbell’s focus is to question and expand the boundaries of every aspect of your reality. Anything you previously assumed to be true is up for questioning… if you take any given assumption you have about yourself or the world around you is that assumption ‘a belief’ or is it your own ‘verified knowledge’ due to your own independent investigation or experience.

If you want to have a book that will challenge you to expand your mind and your conscious awareness both now and for years to come, a book that is not designed for speed reading, but more for gradual contemplation that could lead to life changing realisations, then for this purpose, this is the number one book I could possibly recommend.