‘$100 Million Leads’ November Book of The Month

How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff!

By Alex Hormozi

In the book the author takes you on his remarkable journey of overcoming numerous challenges to master generating leads and converting them into clients. From the humble beginnings of owning a small gym the author currently generates over $100 Million in revenues in his business ventures, which are all centred around helping businesses, obtain leads and convert them into paying clients.

This book is focused on ‘getting leads, if you are also interested in ‘converting leads into sales’ then I would recommend his other book $100 Million Offers (How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No), which, SPOILER ALERT, I will be reviewing in next month’s Book of The Month.

From the early days when Alex Hormozi started out in the ‘gym business, he was driven to grow the membership revenues of his gyms through effective marketing, he had great success, however, he like anyone achieving something significant he also experienced the school of hard knocks, narrowly avoiding bankruptcy on more than one occasion. His hard-earned marketing skills became was so good that each of his first 3 gyms were all fully booked with members on their opening day!

One day in 2017, he was invited to speak at a conference of gym owners about his marketing methods, after the event he was mobbed by hundreds of gym owners asking him to teach them what he was doing.

This led him to start his first company ‘Gym Watch’ where he used his well-honed advertising skills to help other gym owners to fill up their membership slots. He experienced various challenges with his business models, but his abilities to generate and convert leads always rescued him.  He found success in marketing on-line gym courses and then things really changed when he began to teach gym owners how to market and fill their membership slots, the success his clients experienced was massive and led to an explosion in sales not just from gym owners but from most other types of businesses.


In this book the author’s down to earth, straight forward insights help the reader to get really clear on ‘what you need to say to who to create leads’ as the strap of the book says, “How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff”.


In the book Alex Hormozi covers all the various methods of ‘getting leads’ including, Advertising leads, Cold Outreach, Referral Leads and getting leads from Social Media posting, SEO, Agencies, Affiliates and Employees:


Advertising Leads

Paid advertising is the biggest area where Alex Hormozi has helped so many businesses to successfully get leads and grow! In this book he focuses on teaching people how to increase lead flow predominantly via advertising. He really does have a secret sauce here that I think every business owner should be aware of.


Cold Outreach

Some people consider this approach to getting leads ‘old fashioned’ as it includes elements such as ‘telephone canvassing’ and ‘cold calling’.

This is where you have the contact details of a person or a business, but you do not know them personally or professionally and you have not been referred to them by someone who does know them. Whilst some business owners dislike this approach, for certain businesses, if done well and professionally, it can provide a great source of leads.


Referral Leads

Referral leads are not only the least expensive leads to acquire; they are on average, the highest quality and warmest leads and most likely to become the type of paying clients that you most like working with.

Alex Hormozi, acknowledges how important client referrals are, and has 1 of the 20 chapters in this book dedicated to this subject. I am very grateful because reading this has inspired me to realise how much I know about ‘building a flow of referral leads’ in any business (a lot more than I could put into one chapter), knowledge that on reflection I should be sharing more widely to help more people. Over the last 17 years I have built my own coaching and mentoring business on a 100% referral model, and I have helped clients in a variety of industries to do the same, whilst referral leads are only one aspect of ‘getting leads’, it is the one area in which I have by far the most knowledge and experience as a business coach.


After reading this book I decided to put together a free video series to teach people “How to create a consistent flow of referral leads” if you are interested, please email me on “info@certainprogress” quoting ‘Get More Referral Leads’ in the subject line and I will send you a link to the free videos as soon as they are available in the next week or so.


Social Media, Agencies, Affiliates and Employees

Back to the book, I love that the author covers every aspect of acquiring leads, including social media posting and blogs, and SEO. There is a great chapter called ‘Agencies’ and another chapter called ‘Affiliates’ which gives some great insights on how to most effectively use Advertising and Social Media Agencies and Affiliates to generate leads. 2 of the author’s businesses have exceeded revenues of $75 Million using Affiliate Marketing alone.

There is also a chapter dedicated to ‘Employees’, this is about how to identify, hire and train employees to do the lead getting ‘roles in a business.


Every business should at least consider all the above options for their business model, some will obviously work better than others depending on the type and nature of the business. My assessment is that there are many businesses out there using one or more of the above-mentioned approaches and that most of them could be doing so better than they currently are, or they could be considering other approaches that could potentially transform their capability to acquire leads.

Either way this book is a great place to start to gain insights and get your creative juices flowing to so that you can …. Get more leads!

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