‘The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning’ Book Of The Month May 2023

This is a book review with a difference, as I am going to use it to illustrate the importance of you conducting your own critical thinking to any theory, narrative or model being presented to you by anyone. Even the greatest models and theories have flawed assumptions and the more complex the subject matter that … Read more

‘The Dinosaur Hunters’ Book of The Month March 2023

“The Dinosaur Hunters’ by Deborah Cadbury Book of The Month March 2023 “Were ‘the dinosaur hunters’ of the early 19th century, like ‘modern day conspiracy theorists’?” .. This book is much more than just a beautifully written quaint history of the pioneering archaeologists who first reported the discovery of dinosaur remains! It is also a … Read more

‘Flatland’ Book of The Month February 2023

‘Flatland’ by Edwin A Abbott
A huge part of my work is to ‘challenge, support and transform how people think’! And that is the essence of this wonderful short classic.
If you wish, I am able to send you a pdf of this mind-expanding book for free as it is ‘an 1884 classic’, so there is no copyright protection applicable. There is so much value to be found in the classics and I would strongly recommend anyone to join classically.com for a mere $15 a year where you can download a treasure chest of classic books on pdf.
If you would like a free pdf of this book please email me info@alistairlobo.com with the line ‘Please send pdf” in the subject line of the email and I will send you, your free copy.

Like the greatest classics the author of this book was ‘way ahead of their time’ and it presents concepts that are both profound and timeless. Imagine if you lived in a completely 2-dimensional flat world, anything 3-dimensional would seem to be some sort of mythological hocus pocus. The book gets you thinking about just as a 2-dimensional world is a sub-set of a 3-dimensional world then logically it seems probable that the 3 dimensional in which we live is a sub-set of a far more expansive 4th dimension. Some aspects of science, including quantum science indicate a high probability of another dimension beyond our 3-dimensions. As well as scientific indicators of this 4th dimension there are many indicators that are categorised as ‘ethereal’ or ‘intuitive’ or ‘spiritual’ or ‘transcendental’. When I work with my clients to guide their transformation, true transformation requires ‘transforming how you think by transforming your perspective and your awareness’. A philosophy of ‘open minded scepticism’  is essential! I learned this from the scientist ‘Thomas Campbell’ who also recommends this classic book and who himself wrote the profound trilogy of books “My Big TOE” (Theory of Everything). Which I previously reviewed here.

I am going to include 2 short videos with this book review.
1- The first one is a clip from a thought provoking film “What the Bleep do We Know?” that explains the essence of the book ‘Flatland’ which was the inspiration for this part of the film ……


2- The second ‘mind blowing’ video clip is called ‘The 2 Slit Experiment’ which is explained by the world renowned British Quantum scientist by Jim Al-Khalili …


What love about the book ‘Flatland’ is that it uses the perspective of looking at a 2-dimensional world to open your mind to the fact that multiple dimensions exists that are sub-sets of other dimensions. Which leads me to one of my favourite quotes from Albert Einstein “You can not solve significant problems in the level of thinking in which they were created.”

Again, if you would like a free pdf of this book please email me info@alistairlobo.com with the line ‘Please send pdf” in the subject line of the email and I will send you, your free copy.


Book of the Month Dec 2022 ‘The Psychology of Money’

‘The Psychology of Money’ by Morgan Housel Timeless lessons in wealth, greed and happiness! This book should be taught at all schools, colleges, and universities, it debunks many commonly held beliefs around financial wealth. The author explains with great practical examples the fundamentals that determine people’s financial wealth over time: Does not depend primarily on … Read more