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Without question reading accelerates your potential as a human being and as a leader in any given field. In the business arena the average CEO of a top 100 NASDAQ or FTSE 100 company reads just over 2 business / personal growth related books a month. To help our purpose-driven entrepreneurial clients to develop in this area, we been producing a ‘book of the month review’ on since 2011 to help our clients to grow personally and professionally. Of the hundreds of books that I have read and reviewed they are predominantly either books about building and managing businesses or they are books about personal , spiritual and leadership growth. Personal growth is an essential aspect of purpose-driven businesses so here are a selection of business building and personal growth books that I highly recommend to purpose-driven business leaders.

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The most fulfilled and successful business leaders and entrepreneurs I have met in my life usually read a lot of books both on ‘building businesses’ and on ‘personal growth’.

Since 2010 I have been reviewing / summarizing and recommending one book every month to help my subscribers and clients navigate the tricky task of choosing the best ‘business building’ and ‘personal growth’ books that I have encountered.

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