Mindset & Mindfulness

When we help our clients to build an ‘Empowered Mindset’!

I have learned numerous leading edge ‘mindset tools’ having previously worked for 5 years as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer, followed by 16 years as one of Dr John Demartini’s senior facilitators, facilitating at over 30 of his renowned ‘break through experience’ events around the world helping thousands of people to break through the greatest mental and emotional challenges and blockages of their lives!
For his entire career (7 years) I was the mindset coach for Jon Robson, the multiple times British Kung Fu Champion and world silver medalist. As a martial artist myself (Karate) I believe that if your mindset is not aligned with ‘who you are’ (your core values) and what you are focused on, no matter how successful you are you will ultimately be unfulfilled. This begs the questions’What is the point of success without fulfilment?’

Empowered Mindset

Philosophy – An ‘Empowered Mindset’ has a resilient continually evolving philosophy that is both AUTHENTIC and driven to learn and can, when required, be able to deal with the most extreme challenges.  The most empowered, adaptable and sustainable mindsets are built and driven by ‘your authentic spirit’ as opposed to ‘your ego’!  When your primary focus is on ‘serving others’ and ‘making a difference to others’ you will inevitably go far beyond any ‘self serving potential’!
Authenticity – If we wish to maximise our potential individually and collectively, we HAVE TO BE AUTHENTIC!  Many people believe that they are being authentic most of the time, but statistically authenticity is relatively rare and it takes some hard questions and reflections to uncover some aspects of the unauthentic self, without such reflection it is not possible to become more authentic and thereby not possible to expand your potential!
Values – One of the core premises of Axiology ‘the study of value and values’ is that every single human being has a unique hierarchy of values, a bit like finger prints. However, unlike finger prints your values change and evolve over time. So in line with ‘staying authentic’ we should understand our truest and highest core values, if we are pursing visions and goals that are not aligned with our core values we know that we are not being authentic. Equally, if the way we are conducting ourself is not is alignment with our core values we are also NOT being authentic and

At Certain Progress our philosophy is that every individual should take ownership of developing their own philosophy. Your philosophies may have similarities to other people’s, but just like your hierarchy of values, your philosophy should be unique to you. Your philosophy forms the basis of your mindset in all aspects of your life.

Mindfulness ‘Balancing The Mind’

Transcending the EGO, thereby transcending anxiety and distress. ‘Switching off the voice inside your head’, connecting to ‘the infinite field of intelligence’ that goes beyond the physical world.

Creative Mindset

We maximise our creative thinking when our minds are in a relaxed theta state. Interestingly, IBM conduct an annual survey of the CEOs of the top 100 companies listed on the NASDAQ, one of the questions they ask is ‘What is the number one leadership attribute needed in the current business climate?’ For 10 years out of 10 ‘Creativity’ was quoted in the top 3 attributes and 7 out of those 10 years it was quoted as the number one business leadership attribute.


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