Personal Productivity

Question: Is it possible to simultaneously become more productive and less stressed?
Answer: Absolutely! In this short video below, Alistair will provide you with 5 foundation strategies that will help you to start achieving this!

Many of our clients are able to report a substantial 20 % to 50 %  increase in their personal productivity levels, after just a few coaching sessions. Alistair is so confident in his results that he provides a money back guarantee.

 In terms of time alone (i.e. exclude resources, financial costs and profits) then 20% equates to 1 working day a week, nearly one working week a month and nearly 2 months a year!

The impact is 2-fold, a measurable increase in individual and team productivity, plus the most rewarding aspect of Alistair’s Personal Productivity work is how much better and less stressed people say they feel.

Alistair has helped a number of highly successful organisations to create and implement personal productivity initiatives, which can be delivered on a bespoke basis, in one or more of the following formats:

  • One-to-one personal productivity leadership coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Key note talks

Alistair has a unique approach to helping people to permanently transform their levels of productivity, which comes from placing an equal emphasis on ‘PRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS & PRODUCTIVE MINDSET’.
Productive Systems includes your processes, structures and tools.
Productive Mindset includes your philosophy, attitude, your relationship with stress, your values alignment and your sense of purpose!

Personal productivity is one of the greatest challenges business leaders face on a daily basis. Prior to becoming a full-time ‘vision and personal productivity leadership coach’ 16 years ago, Alistair’s own experiences of the stresses and pressures of business leadership have ranged from managing a small business employing 6 people to working for corporations like BBC and Siemens, reporting to board level and managing global projects sometimes with over 100 people based in various locations around the world.