Transcending The Red Pill

The Red Pill, Green Pill Guidance Program is for anyone who is has metaphorically ‘taken the red pill’ and is now primarily stuck in ‘The Red Pill Loop’ and all the turbulence that comes with it.

The Blue Pill, Red Pill, Green Pill metaphor represents the 3 phases of awakening to more expanded levels of consciousness and ultimately leading to the greatest freedom there is “Freedom from the dominance of the ego and the fear, anger, sadness and grief that comes with!”

Your progressive transformation towards enlightment requires you to recognise when your ego is active and for your ego to surrender.  Egoic surrender is required to break out of the fear and denial loop that is the blue pill reality and take the red pill!
Those who eventually choose to ‘take the red pill’  are presented with realisations that activate their egoic emotions of:

  • Anger (with those they judge to be ‘evil’), fear (from the consequences of tyranny).
  • Fear that they will lose their freedom and that the people they love may suffer unfairly.
  • Sadness and grief (including grief for the loss of the old reality).

The Green Pill
Breaking free from the loop of ‘dissonance’ that is ‘the red pill reality’ requires a level of egoic surrender so great that many are not ready, in the same way that the masses struggle to move away from taking the blue pill and perceive those who have woken up to the totalitarians pursuit of mass enslavement . If you are experiencing the symptoms of of having taken the red pill, you will most likely be playing out the following 2 roles or identities, the victim or the rescuer. These are 2 of the 3 fundamental categories of
I have worked with many rescuers in my work
Taking the green pill is a metaphor for transcending the egoic activation caused by taking the red pill. When you take the red pill and wake up from the dream-like hypnotic ‘blue pill’ state, it is impossible to ‘un-see’ what you have seen!  This new level of awareness does little to liberate you from the anxieties of fear, anger, sadness and grief, in fact these feelings intensify because you can now see the ego-driven totalitarian pursuit of the enslavement of the masses by people who hold key leadership positions.

In the context of what is probably the greatest awakening in human history, where would you put yourself on the below ‘Transformational Hero’s Journey’ illustration?

‘Red Pill or Blue Pill It’s Your Choice!’.
The term ‘Red Pill’ is coined from this famous scene from the iconic film ‘The Matrix’…

The ‘Red Pill, Green Pill’ Guidance Program is an on-line weekly 12 week program for small groups of people who are ready to break free from the loop of their red pill reality of ‘hope and despair’, ‘fantasies and nightmares’, ‘fear, anger, sadness and grief.
The green pill is a metaphor for ‘transcendence’. Transcendence is a state of conscious awareness of a ‘non-dual’ way of being.  Our physical bodies and our egos that are part and parcel of our physical bodies, so they are grounded in duality. Duality means, pain and pleasure, positive and negative, war and peace, heaven and hell, etc, etc.
Trauma, including the trauma of awakening to an ego driven dystopian world can be trigger despair, however this same trauma can be used as the foundation to awaken to ‘non-dual’ awareness of a type of  joy that transcends ‘joy and pain’ and a type of peace that transcends ‘war and peace’!
Our relief from duality grows the more we expand our awareness to non-duality’, this awakening is rarely a ‘silver bullet’, however with practice a process of “ah ha’s” leads you to a beautiful inner reality.
Our ‘physical matter reality world’ is only a tiny slither of all realities in the same way that the human eye is estimated to only be able to percieve 0.0035% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
Some people have taken hallucinogenic drugs come to experience the ‘other world joy and peace’ that comes from non-dual awareness. However,  this require you to chose some new beliefs and assumptions to replace ones that do not serve you! The ‘red pill. green’ program  is designed to create the foundation for you to transform mentally, emotionally and spiritually include:

Grief, Trauma, Anger, Fear & Sadness  – How to transcend  all disempowering emotions. The greatest grief we all face on ‘taking the red pill’ is our grieving for the loss of our ‘blue pill’ world, the things we did and sometimes some of the people we used to hang out with. It is only human to be angry with those who have created the dystopian world we can now see, with that anger comes fear and sadness for the future of our world,

The world is on the cusp of a huge spiritual awakening!



Your Ego – Understanding and recognising the ego in yourself and others! How to break the cycle of anger, fear and sadness

Your Philosophy – Transforming your philosophy and creating a strategy to transform your philosophy means you can be empowered in any reality.

Your Purposes – Reassessing your primary and secondary purposes!

Your Communication – Effectively communicating with others who are ‘not on the same page’

Self-care – In order to effectively help others we must first help ourselves. Caring for ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically and being generally fulfilled no matter what challenges we are facing is essential for us to reach our potential.

Meditation  –   Meditation is the ultimate gateway to experiencing transcendence. Learn the some powerful proven and very simple techniques.

Intuition – Your intuition is your ultimate inner guidance system, knowing how to tune into your most authentic self is in effect ‘tuning into your intuitinon

More productive, more fulfilled! –  It is easy to get over-run with all the madness going on in the external world, how can we best organise ourselves to deal with this madness whilst retaining our sanity.

Rewiring old habits – Without conscious thought and planning, the external madness of the world can distract us from fulfilling our potential. Instead of ‘being distracted’ we can use this madness to focus more on who we are and ‘our purposes’ (what is truly most important to us).

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

Red Pill Coaching is a guidance program for awakening people to deal more effectively with the awakening process, it is a guidance program for those who have metaphorically ‘taken the Red Pill’ and are dealing with the immense challenges that this presents them.
Red Pill Coaching provides guidance and solutions to deal with these challenges by transforming mind, consciousness and spirit to the next level.

You will be invited to re-evaluate and reimagine your philosophy on life and beyond life. There are no set answers, you will be invited to more consciously explore, discover and build your own unique authentic philosophy, one that empowers you and releases you from your anger and your fears of survival and anxieties that come from the ego.

Viktor Frankl wrote the best selling book “Man’s Search for Meaning” after surviving for over 4 years of the Second World War as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp.  This is the most important book I ever read, because it was a catalyst to waking me up to the fact that ‘More than anything else it is our philosophy that determines how we feel about our life.’  

I have met a fair number of people who were financially wealthy, but miserable because of their philosophy.  Of course they often don’t realise this because for most people irrespective of how empowering or disempowering their philosophy is, it resides in their unconscious mind.

In ‘The Red Pill Coaching Program’ you will be invited to become more conscious aware of what your philosophy such that you can re-imagine and re-design, it is our greatest freedom to be able to do this.

“The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask?” wether you believe this quote from my mentor Dr John Demartini or not is in fact a point of philosophy. The Red Pill Coaching Program is not designed to install any given philosophy, but to empower you to consciously design your own philosophy by asking yourself high quality questions.