Below are a mixture of written and video client testimonials …….

Ashley Toft (Managing Director of Explore)

Alistair’s excellent coaching style and ability to get me visualising what success looks like, was a huge contributory factor in creating what I believe to be a powerful purpose statement for the business, along with a clear vision and values which now run through everything we do.

Alistair is passionate about business, personal fulfillment and success, and this comes across strongly in his coaching sessions. He provides me with some great practical tools, as well as a different perspective on many aspects of my business and personal life. I would recommend Alistair to any leader who wishes to challenge themselves and transform their business or any other aspect of their lives.

Testimonial from long-term client Daniel Rapley, who had previously worked with several different business coaches over 20 years, prior to working with Alistair. Daniel is the founder of Rapley Classic Cars who have been established for over 25 years and are one of the most well respected and successful Classic Car dealerships in the USA.

Rick Moore (President of PMA USA, Sales & Marketing Division of CNO Insurance)

Alistair has been very much at the heart of all aspects of the leadership development of our organization for a period of 10 years now. In this time the leadership, vision, productivity and mentoring work that our national sales and marketing people have done with Alistair has contributed to our business sales revenues growing organically from US$15M to over US$50M. Whilst working with Alistair we have experienced double digit growth every single year, when most of our competitors have struggled just to maintain their revenues. Alistair has challenged us to grow as individuals and as a business and given us the insights to achieve this, I could not recommend him highly enough as a mentor, coach, consultant and presenter.

Nicholas Charles (CEO of The Charles Group)

Video Testimonial from Nicholas Charles (CEO of The Charles Group)

Andy Hibbert the CEO and Founder of KarShare.com

‘Entrepreneurial Creative Insight & Mindset Session’ testimonial by Andy Hibbert the CEO and Founder of KarShare.com (formerly know as Car&Away, previously CEO of Reed & Mackay)

Video Testimonial from Dr John F Demartini

World leader in Human Behavioural Sciences and Author of multiple No.1 Bestselling books.

Philip Whitecross (CEO InHealth)

The business vision and purpose workshops and consultations that Alistair conducted with our senior leadership team was an outstanding piece of work that has reinvigorated our business.

Jon Robson British Kung Fu Champion

Mindset Coaching Testimonial.

Darren Collins (June 2020)

Self-made Financially Independent School Teacher, Mentor and Investor.

At the time of meeting Alistair, I was someone who was literally all over the place. Working busily on everything but getting nowhere, I had little focus. It was like I was in a car driving around a roundabout going around in circles and going nowhere. However, I know I am now embarking upon a journey that feels more aligned and inspiring than anything before and it genuinely excites me. I appreciate that this path will have challenges, but the challenges I will have, I know I will enjoy.

Currently, a Business Finance school teacher who knows what I want to do to create more freedom and flexibility in my life, I’m hoping this recommendation shows what Alistair does, can apply to everyone, from any business, walk of life, simply because he is all about dealing with the fundamentals of you the individual. There is no doubt that Alistair has moved my compass for the better and as a result, I look forward to the compounded benefits of this as I continue my journey, I believe he has the capacity to do this for anyone that comes under his guidance. So, if you too have a lot of questions about yourself that you are unable to answer, or if you have a big question on life where you just don’t know where to start, then please do yourself a massive favour and ensure to at least give him a call. This is personal development on another level!

Ben Freedman

Video Testimonial on Alistair’s Personal Productivity coaching from Ben Freedman (Founder of Bubble Chamber and owner of The Prince Charles Cinema in Piccadilly, London)

Chris Hirsch

“The 7 Step Blueprint To Make Any Congruent Goal Happen” Testimonial by Chris Hirsch Managing Partner of leading Wealth Management Company Holland Hahn & Wills LLP.

Jonny Aucamp Chairman of OSTC

“How to go home earlier having achieved more” Testimonial by Jonny Aucamp Chairman of OSTC at ABLE (The Association of Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs)

Video Testimonials

People featured in this testimonial include:

  • Joe Williams – International Speaker and people performance expert
  • Brody Sweeney – Founder of O’Briens Coffee Franchises
  • Dipti Patel – Tony Robbins Trainer and Professional Image Consultant
  • Mel Abraham – Company Director: Speaker, Martial Arts teacher, Business Strategist and Forensic Accountant

Dr Eric Bermudez

Family Doctor & Business Owner.

Alistair Lobo is a powerful and dynamic consultant, business results coach, and public speaker. He is 100% dedicated to successful outcomes and he has the experience, background and excellence to necessary to make a profound impact in the lives of those he works with. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing Alistair’s skills in action while working with clients, and I can attest that he’s the best of the best. His life-changing interventions and highly developed consulting skills make him the go-to expert in the personality and business coaching industry. He is also a dynamic, interesting and highly effective public speaker, who speaks powerfully and authentically. I highly recommend Alistair Lobo to anyone looking to get an edge in life and in business. Alistair delivers 100% of what he promises and more!

Natalie Dee, Lifestyle & Business Coach

As featured on BBC’s 2015 goal-setting program – www.natalie-dee.com

Working with Alistair has challenged me beyond anything I can remember in a very long time…I understand things at a deeper level; I have greater awareness and clarity on a range of areas that are all relevant to my own personal growth and enhance my skills and abilities as a coach. I find myself feeling excited and energised by the work that we do, both on our coaching calls and on the work I prepare in between the sessions because I know that with each passing day I am progressing in ways that are enriching my life. Thank you, Alistair! And I look forward to our next call.