‘The Wise Bear Stories’ Book of the Month July 2019

A children’s book is the Thought Leadership Book of the month!

You may be curious as to why after 11 years of reviewing books relating to thought leadership, business & personal transformation that I am reviewing a ‘children’s book’!?

Adam & Joseph love reading The Wise Bear Stories

Like no other books I have previously encountered, The Wise Bear Stories have engaged my own children to work out more effective ways to deal with everyday life issues in a way that is often lacking in the vast majority of adults.

My 2 boys Joseph and Adam (aged 9 and 7 years old) absolutely love the Wise Bear Stories box set of books (see picture). I have read each book at least twice to them during their regular bed-time story over the last 3 months since the book was first published.

Wise bear is a talking bear that lives with a family including a boy named Toby and a girl called Alex. Wise Bear is over 100 years old and plays the role of a friendly and wise grandparent for the family. He is able to put a different and more empowering perspective on the ups and downs of everyday life encountered by the Toby and Alex.

There are ‘6 story books in one’, the titles are:

  1. ‘Criticism: The Truth Everyone Must Learn’
  2. Fair Exchange: Everyone Wins’
  3. ‘How To Love The Things You Don’t’
  4. ‘Discover Your Own Uniqueness’
  5. ‘Friendships: Coping With The Ups and Downs’
  6. ‘Bullying: A New Perspective’

The stories engage my boys and lead to them asking questions about the stories and about how these lessons apply to situations they face on a daily basis. They have been able to re-frame issues troubling them with friendships or situations at school.

I should disclose here that the author Scott Cranfield is a friend of mine that I met many years ago when I first started working with Dr. John Demartini, my longtime mentor and the world-renowned expert in ‘Axiology’ (The study of values). This may give you a clue as to who the mystery ‘Dr. D’ is, that Wise Bear sometimes mentions in the stories and the insightful values philosophies that underpin the stories. 

Scott is an entrepreneur, golf course owner and has coached golf at the very highest level, however, in the context of this book he is first and foremost a dad! He wrote these books with his own children in mind. 

Insight and Emotional Balance
When I read these books to my children, it provides them with:

  • Insights about how to deal with everyday issues in a more empowering way. 
  • Quality questions they can ask that will enable them to balance their emotions in the ups and downs of their everyday lives.
  • The emotional and mental foundations to become more empowered in the way they lead their lives and the way they lead others.

Whilst there are a number of great children’s books with wonderful stories and metaphors about dealing with the ups and downs of life, the underlying philosophy and approach of these stories are unmatched by any other books I have so far encountered. 
If you want to get more info about the book, check out the website … https://www.thewisebearstories.com/