Talks & Workshops

Alistair has been delivering key note speeches and running workshops since 2006, he has a very relaxed style of presentation and engages people by using real stories to inspire and provide insight. All his talks and workshops are adapted to the specific nature, needs and highest values of each audience. Alistair prefers, when it is practical and appropriate to do so, to have interactive exercises with the audience as this promotes greater engagement and increased learning.

Alistair was personally trained by renowned ‘public speaking coach’ Joe Williams (who has worked extensively with Tony Robbins amongst others).

Alistair’s most popular talks include:

  • Visionary Business Leadership
  • Values-Driven, Servant Leadership
  • How to Build Highly Effective Business Systems, Processes and Structures
  • Effective Communication and Effective Leadership
  • How to Skyrocket Your Personal Productivity
  • How to Skyrocket Your Creativity and Innovation
  • Why Ego is the Number One Reason for Business Failure! …. and how to avoid this reality!
  • Critical Thinking
  • Spiral Dynamics – The profound model of human thinking systems and their practical applications
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Mindset and Mindfulness

Alistair’s most popular workshops include:

  • Leadership – Effective communication scenarios
  • How to create an authentic inspiring vision (Business and personal)
  • How to elicit your business and personal core values
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)