About Us

“We help purpose driven entrepreneurial business leaders to lead and build businesses that are impactful legacies! Over 90 percent of the businesses we have worked with during the last 15 years are still operating and still thriving today, yet, in both in the UK and the USA where most of our clients are located, historical data confirms that the opposite is true for businesses in general, with an average of around 90 percent of new businesses ceasing to trade within a 5-year period. For us, this illustrates the profound sustainable power of ‘purpose-driven businesses’ that are built on the foundations of their own unique, authentic core values.” – Alistair Lobo

Our ‘Authentic Core Values’ determine ‘who we work with’.

  • Learning & Teaching Business AND Personal Transformation
  • Values Driven
  • Fair Exchange
  • Authentic Servant Leadership (Low ego)
  • Systems Building
  • Confidentiality