‘The Inside Track’ Book of the Month for May 2020

See the author Peter Sage interviewed by me on the video below and on my new YouTube Channel “The Leading Edge of Thought” …..

“Of the hundreds of Thought Leadership books I have read over the years this book is in my top 3 of all time!” I share these sincere words with the author the video interview with Peter Sage the author of ‘The Inside Track’.
This book demonstrates that ‘fact is definitely stranger than fiction’, it is about overcoming the ultimate challenges of an extreme and unexpected ‘lockdown’ and how to turn any adversity into an amazing opportunity! In times when people all around are wondering ‘how best to deal with their own unexpected lockdowns’ this book about personal empowerment could not be more relevant!
Imagine in the midst of a contract dispute in a civil court case, unexpectedly being held ‘in contempt of court’ (in a civil court) and with no police or criminal court involvement and criminal charges never brought, you find yourself being sent to one of the only civil prisoners in history to serve time in Pentonville prison, one of the toughest prisons in the UK.  The irony and apparent injustice did not end there, after Peter was released from prison ‘with NO criminal record’ the big corporation that brought the civil charges against him, dropped their entire case against him.
I met the author Peter Sage in the early 2000s working at a Tony Robbins event where Peter was at the time the youngest ever Tony Robbins trainer. Like myself Peter has dedicated his life to both personal and business growth, the last person you would imagine serving time in prison. Early on Peter viewed these events as an adventure and an opportunity to serve others and to grow and boy did he deliver!
Please watch this compelling video interview on my new YouTube channel “The Leading Edge of Thought.”

On the video, Peter shares an offer for you to get a copy of the book for free (You pay the postage).