“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”
Stephen Covey

We believe the number one reason for business failure is ‘communication’!
There are 2 key steps to address this issue:
1- Developing a greater understanding of your audience (the stakeholders that you are communicating with).
2- Authentically communicating your outcomes with your audience (stakeholders) in terms of what is most important to THEM!

Effective communication impacts every key area of your business in terms of effective leadership, management, recruiting, team and individual development, branding, sales and marketing.
‘The foundation of effective communication is to be a good listener and researcher!?!’ 
You must first understand your audience in order to effectively communicate with them!
As a business leader, think about all the different ‘stakeholder groups’ and ‘individual stakeholders’ critical to your business; you will need to be able to effectively communicate with ALL of these stakeholders. Here are just a few examples: Your customers, your team members, your suppliers, your affiliates, your investors, there are many other groups and individuals that are not as obvious as these such as your own family members who support your work and are indirectly effected by your business activities.

For each key stakeholder (group and individual) we help our clients to create to create ‘an Avatar profile’ which includes but goes far beyond their standard profile of age, gender, experience and skills. we really need to fully understand their model of the world.  This means identifying and understanding the following: What keeps them up at night? What are their core highest values?  What are their personality types? What are their preferred sensory modalities (Visual, auditory, audio-digital, kinaesthetic)? Do you know their ‘positive and negative emotional charges’ and the specific ‘trigger words’ (hot buttons) that kindle or dampen these emotional charges?

Greater clarity of a stakeholder’s model of the world is a game changer. The next step is to use the most appropriate expression of language, including spoken and written words, tonality and body language.

From effective leadership to marketing and sales, story telling is one of the most profoundly effective means to convey a message. People’s decisions and behaviours are more influenced by stories than any other form of communication. Visionary Business Leaders learn to become great story tellers, because an inspiring vision is an inspiring story!