Systems, Processes and Structures

Business Systems & Processes

“Effective business systems create time, reduce errors and scale profits”
David Jenyns

Do you have a system & process to design, build and maintain your systems & processes?  This is something that many businesses lack, it is far simpler than most business leaders think and once rolled out across your business it has a transformative effect.

A business will never come close to reaching its potential if the leaders of the business do not understand ‘how to build and maintain effective systems and processes!’
Having a strong approach to building systems and processes that are easy to use across the business is absolutely essential to successfully scale your business.

The businesses that we have helped to develop a strong philosophy and approach to building systems and processes have reported increased productivity, less mistakes, reduced levels of stress and they have found it absolutely critical in order to scale their business. Other massive benefits consistently reported are that the processes created become valuable assets to the business in terms of training and reference information libraries. On boarding and training new team members requires significantly less resources. In the video below I discuss with David Jenyns how relatively simple it is to create an effectively systemised business and how this enables more mental space for the people in the business to be creative and innovative. One other benefit is that with all your business systems and processes well documented, your business becomes hugely more sellable, should you wish to take this route at some point.

It is essential that you review all the systems and processes in all areas of your business, sales, marketing, operations, finance etc. Before you do so I would highly recommend one book in particular that I ask all of my clients to read, it is called ‘Systemology’ by David Jenyns.

You can see my book of the month review by clicking on the above book cover , where I describe ‘Systemology’ as ” ‘The E-Myth’ on steroids!” (The E-Myth is a multiple million best-selling book about business systemisation written over 20 years ago) Systemology has every chance of surpassing it…. 

You can also watch me interview David about “Systemology’ by clicking on the video below

Business Structures

There are many false assumptions made about business structures, yes one aspect of how you structure a business is a legal one that covers all the usual business entities from self-employed partnerships to limited liability companies to PLC companies that are listed on the stock exchange. However, for a company with more than 13 team members, the way it’s people are structured can be slightly or even radically different to the conventional traditional boxed hierarchical structures, however, any such deviations from convention should be aligned with both the leadership functions and the core values of the business for them to be effective.

Holacracy is the most radical new way to structure a business, some of the most successful new tech companies in the USA have used Holacracy with tremendous  not for every business
The word ‘organisation’ comes from the word ‘organism’ and just as organisms with more complex structures can more easily solve more complex problems then organisms with more simple structures, the same is true of organisations with more complex structures, indeed the same is true of more complex computers being able to solve more complex problems.
These more complex structures simplify big problems.

Holacracy is a more complex structure