Transcending The Red Pill Webinar 1

Does the pandemic of the last few years, feel more like a scamdemic to you?
This webinar is not about the monumental lies conducted by the mainstream media and it is not about the mandates, the profits and power grabs by the global elites and national and local governments? If you are attending this webinar you will already know enough about all of these. This webinar is about “How do you deal with the mental and emotional pains caused by this scamdemic? I will be sharing with you how I have helped many highly esteemed doctors, scientists and lawyers who were cancelled by the mainstream to deal with really extreme mental, emotional and communication challenges.
When you wak up to the scale of the lies and the cover ups, it is inevitable that it will impact your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Having spent much of the last few years coaching and mentoring people who have ‘woken up’ and metaphorically ‘Taken The Red Pill’

This isĀ  you fed up of being fearful about the future, not just for yourself, but for future generations?
Are you angry with the perpatrators

This is an opportunity to transform and find greater purpose and fulfilment in a crazy world.