Book of the Month June 2023 ‘Countdown’ By Dr Shanna Swan

Where have all the insects gone?
As I write this review, it is June and summer in England my family and I just got back from a 300-mile round trip drive to the South Coast of England with typically warm weather for this time of year and astonishingly, there were hardly any insects and bugs splattered on my windscreen for the entire trip. Only a few years ago my windscreen and the front of my car would have been completely plastered in insects and bug splatters following just a 10-mile journey in the same summer weather conditions. I have mentioned this anomaly to numerous people I know who drive around the English countryside and they all share a similar experience! Motorists saying that there are noticeably less ‘bugs on their car windscreens’, as well as gardeners and campers saying that they are seeing far less bees, wasps and flies.

Something very strange and very concerning is happening right in front of our eyes and it isn’t only happening to the insects, who with their shorted life cycles and their environmental connection to all other plants and animals appear to be an early barometer for the population collapses that are happening to many other animals. If you care to research the official population databases of most developed counties in the world it confirms that population collapse is also happening to humanity before our eyes and this book brilliantly explains why it is happening. If you care about the future of this planet, this book is essential reading!

This book really has shaken up how I see the world, it reveals the evidence, data and scientific truths about the impending human population collapse and indeed the collapse of the populations of many living things on our planet!  

An impending population collapse that most people are alarmingly oblivious about, probably because it and that receives so little coverage in the mainstream media, even though it presents far more of an existential threat to life on Earth than ‘climate change’ or any known disease or virus. This ‘population collapse’, is not theoretical it IS happening right now and is being driven by skyrocketing infertility levels which are in turn ARE being driven by ever-increasing environmental toxins such as plastics, pesticides, chemical dumping and pharmaceutical products.

When you take a closer look at the underlying population data, as this book does, it is obvious that the human population trends are entering a tipping point where population levels in most countries outside of Africa are in the early stages of a collapse. In the case of humans both male and female infertility levels are dropping like a stone, fuelled by our ever-increasing toxic lifestyles including the increased consumption of toxic products, as well as more processed artificial foods and the consumption of more chemical pharmaceutical products into our bodies and then into the environment which is then in turn affecting all life on earth.

Whatever the worst predictions by the climate change computer models, the issue of infertility has far more serious for the implications to life on Earth. A thousand years ago summers in the Northern Hemisphere were far warmer than today and the human population and most other animal populations continued to expand. Throughout history of humanity Planet Earth has oscillated from being much warmer than today as well as much colder, however, never before in its history has humanity and much of the animal life on Earth faced a population collapse driven by a fertility crisis!  Whilst the book is not a bundle of fun, its data analysis and content jaw droppingly intriguing and leave you wondering why most of the mainstream are choosing to ignore the irrefutable data and facts presented in this book!

Completely contrary to the well documented views of the scientifically unqualified Bill Gates that humanity is potentially heading towards doom because of over-population, this book by one of the world’s leading scientists in her field explains that the exact opposite is true, and the evidence-based truth of population collapse is far more shocking than the widespread speculation of over-population.

This book explains the compelling evidence that most of the developed countries in the world, including China and most countries in the Americas, Europe and Australasia are at the beginning of a population collapse, set to last for the coming generations, unless the underlying causes are addressed!!

The fundamental cause is that ‘not enough babies are being born’.  Today, factoring in that people live longer than they did 50 years ago, for a population to be sustained in these developed countries, each couple MUST produce an average of 2.3 healthy children per couple, or per female. Most developed countries are significantly below 2.3 with China being only 1.6 even though they have now scrapped the disastrous communist one child per family policy! These population decline numbers are a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Younger people are not only needed to look after the older people, they are needed to grow the economy in order to grow the pension and investment funds that a growing older population require.

The traditional population pyramid is becoming inverted, where traditionally he eldest and smallest segment of the population is at the top and the youngest and largest segment is the infants and children at the bottom of the pyramid.  Japan is experiencing this inverted population pyramid so much so that the sales of incontinence nappies for adults has overtaken the sales of nappies for infants.

The Japanese population is set to decline from 120 million to only 88 million in the next 35 years, with the percentage of people over 70 years old doubling! Who will do the work and pay the taxes to pay for the services needed by the older population!? There are serious doubts as to whether such an aged population is socially and economically sustainable! The Japanese government are actually recognising this issue and incredibly they have run advertising campaigns and supported parties encouraging young people to have more dates more sex, more often and get married young!!! I found this so hard to believe that I had to do a search on the internet to confirm it.

Many of the developed countries in the world are currently masking their underlying population shrinkage issues with well documented economic immigration from lesser developed countries, but this does not change the growing underlying trend and the cause, which is a serious decline in the birth rates. With the exception of most African countries, the bottom line is that there are not enough babies being born to replace the aging populations. Alarmingly, a similar trend is evident in insect populations and many animal populations.

So, what are the primary reasons for this drop in birth rates?
For humans, there has been a recognised reduction in birth rates for many years due to living conditions improving. When people’s quality of life improves to the levels found in most developing countries, most people choose to have less children or no children at all.

This book leaves you in little doubt that the cause of the collapse of birth rates in humans, insects and many animals is ‘TOXINS’!!

Toxins include all chemicals, plastics and chemical-based drugs and pesticides and even massively increased radio wave activities such as 5G which is so new that there is medium- and long-term toxicity data. The book explains in detail how we have pumped so many toxic elements into our bodies and into our environment that not only is the health of all organic life under pressure, but all their reproductive systems have been significantly deteriorated.

The author has dedicated her life to understanding the impact that toxins in the environment and in our bodies have on hormones and behaviour. She brilliantly takes on the many facets of this complex issue and breaks them down. She explains what toxins have what effect on what animals.

The use of plastics in everything from food packaging to computers is a modern phenomenon that has unleashed an array of toxicity onto our planet which has never occurred in the previous known history of the planet. Plastics contain toxic phthalates to make them more durable EVA Ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is used to soften plastics, toxic plastics include widely used PVC poly vinyl chloride. Other highly toxic substances that we our environments bathed are a modern-day phenomenon include mass used pesticides and soil treatments. Add to this the extensive wireless and radio waves which are ‘radio-active’ to varying degrees.

Many of these toxins interfere with our bodies endocrine systems which includes our hormones. As more chemical toxins are being pumped into our environment and our bodies, there has been a massive impact on 2 of the most important hormones involved in reproduction ‘oestrogen’ and ‘testosterone’. The author explains how this has impacted all animals, for example over the last 30 years male crocodiles’ penises have gotten significantly smaller many species are having less males or males with more feminine features, this is even happening more often with humans.

Men more exposed to phthalates experience a significant reduction in their sperm quality and women’s ovaries are also negatively affected.

Flame retardant chemicals are another source of chemicals that impact human and animal health and effect fertility levels. Phthalates is another major issue for health and fertility that can be found not only in plastics but a whole range of commonly used products like soaps, toiletries, oils and vinyl floors.

Like all great books highlighting a major challenge, the author does end the book by summarising solutions to the problems! These solutions involve changes that will reverse the levels of these offending toxins that we put into the environment and that we absorb. She provides solutions at any individual level such as what foods to avoid and she addresses the systemic change that is desperately needed such as enforceable laws against big polluters and outlawing the use of certain chemicals.

Regardless of whether you read this outstandingly important book, next time you are driving on a hot summers’ day in the countryside, take a note of how many insects you end up with on your car windscreen compared with a few years ago.

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