Cosmic Hologram – Book of the Month September 2023

The Cosmic Hologram

By Jude Currivan

The profound scientific concepts presented by Jude Currivan left me with a great sense of wonderment and great certainty that we can transform our world and our universe by expanding our awareness of consciousness. In short, this book is ‘The Blue Planet’ on steroids!

Jude Currivan is a brilliant scientist; she has a PhD in cosmology and a wealth of knowledge of theoretical and mathematical physics and quantum physics. In this book, she presents some of the most fundamental concepts and important discoveries about ‘what our universe is made of’.
Much of Currivan’s previous books demonstrate parallels between ‘how the universe is constructed’, ‘human behaviour’ and what many people would call ‘a spiritual dimension’.

Personally, like the author Currivan, I believe that the next level of human consciousness encompasses the convergence of scientific and spiritual awareness.

“The Zero-energy Universe”
Currivan explains why so many of the quantum scientists and cosmologists that I have encountered over the years believe that there is a non-physical dimension of ‘physical nothingness’ from which all that exists in physical universe is created.
For example, the scientific concept of “The Zero-energy Universe” which was first hypothesised during World War II by German theoretical and mathematical physicist Ernst Pascual Jordan.
This is where all the positive and negative energies of the universe are in total balance of ‘equal and opposite energy’. Physicists, such as Lawrence Krauss, Alexander Vilenkin and Stephen Hawking refer to this state “a universe from nothingness”.

The Cosmic Hologram
“The Zero-energy Universe” conceives that energetically, the totality of our universe is ‘nothing’. A spiritual interpretation of this would be that everything we perceive in the physical universe is in essence ‘a hologram created by consciousness’. Or some might expand this to ‘a hologram created by our thoughts’ supporting the spiritual concept that “Thoughts become things!”. In other words, all that exists in our perceived physical universe comes from a ‘non-physical’ dimension of consciousness. This may all sound a bit ‘woo woo’, but this is all built on hard core theoretical and mathematical physics with many experiments and discoveries confirming the ‘mind-blowing’ physical and spiritual reality of a zero-energy universe that could be defined as ‘a cosmic hologram’.

Interestingly, much of the personal transformation work I have gone through myself and with my clients over the last 17 years, is based on the premise that life cannot be more positive than negative or more negative than positive. This is a somewhat ‘stoic philosophy’ is not popular with many people’s perceptions. However, it is based on the reality of how the entire known physical universe is constructed and allows a state of mental, emotional, and spiritual balance to be reached in any situation, no matter how challenging.

Currivan explains the many cosmological and other scientific terms and concepts that support this theory in a way that is understandable to any lay person, who is genuinely curious about the magnificence and magnitude of our universe.
However, this is not the sort of book you would want to sit down and read in a hurry. This is about our deepest understanding of ‘how the universe is made’ so it not possible to understand it all at once.

If you are not familiar with quantum, cosmological, theoretical, and mathematical physics you should probably ration yourself to one chapter at a time and reflect on the concepts presented. I did this, and I have then re-read several chapters 2 or 3 times. The audiobook is really well read by the author herslef and a great way of allowing the wealth of well explained science to permeate your mind.

Like me, you will probably have already heard of some of the core concepts in this book without necessarily understanding them.  I am grateful to have read this book because I now have a much better understanding of these concepts whilst being humbly aware that we only understand a tiny fraction of what there is to understand about the universe.

Here are some of the major concepts from quantum, cosmological, theoretical, and mathematical physics, that support the concepts of “The Zero-energy Universe” and “The Universe being a Cosmic Hologram”:

The Theory of Relativity
This theory is comprised of ‘Special Relatively’ and ‘General Relativity’. It was conceived by Albert Einstein and was considered by many, to be one of the greatest scientific theories ever conceived. Many scientists thought that Einstein was ‘off his rocker’ when he first published it, however, within a few years scientific observations and experiments proved the theory to be sound.

General Relativity
General Relativity is also known as ‘Einstein’s theory of gravity’, the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1915. It provides a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of space and time or four-dimensional spacetime.

Special Relativity
Special Relativity has 2 key aspects. Firstly, it defines the relationship between space and time, explaining how these 2 components define the entire composition of the physical universe.

Secondly, Special Relativity establishes that light has a universal constant speed throughout the universe without exception and that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

A note on ‘Time Travel’ Interestingly, when Einstein established that it was not possible to travel faster than the speed of light, he was asked about the fact that this ruled out the possibility of time travel, his response was that time travel was not possible in ‘four-dimensional space time’, however, there would be other dimensions (yet to be discovered) in which time travel may be possible.

Quantum Entanglement
Einstein called this concept “Spooky Action at a distance’. He found this concept strange and a little disturbing but recognised that it was real. In her book Currivan explains how experiments at the research agency CERN have confirmed and expanded our understanding of quantum entanglement.

In the everyday life of humans, the concept of ‘quantum entanglement’ often surfaces in the form of ‘synchronicity’.

The Frist Law of Thermodynamics
This law is a major scientific discovery that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed.”  Most of our current understanding ot the universe is based on this concept.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics
The second law of thermodynamics is a physical law based on universal experience concerning heat and energy interconversions.

Information Theory
A key concept to the ‘the universe being a cosmic hologram’ is that all components of the universe from dark matter to light are ‘information’, thus information / in-formation / ‘how things are formed’ is the essence of creation.

The above concepts as well as the following concepts and others are explained in greater detail by Currivan:

The Higgs Boson (also known as ‘the Higgs particle’ and ‘the god particle’)


Matter and Anti-matter

Dark Energy

Black holes

Currivan cleverly puts together all of these highly credible scientific concepts to explain how they collectively indicate that our universe is probably in essence a hologram, created by non-physical consciousness.

If you are curious about how the universe is constructed and you love to ‘be in awe’ at the infinite magnificence of our universe and you would like to improve your understanding of some of the of the key science concepts and theories about the universe, then this book is a must read. But, please be warned that for most non-scientists like me, it is a book to be consumed in wonderful bite-sized chunks.



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