‘$100 Million Leads’ November Book of The Month

How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff! By Alex Hormozi In the book the author takes you on his remarkable journey of overcoming numerous challenges to master generating leads and converting them into clients. From the humble beginnings of owning a small gym the author currently generates over $100 Million in revenues … Read more

Cosmic Hologram – Book of the Month September 2023

The Cosmic Hologram By Jude Currivan The profound scientific concepts presented by Jude Currivan left me with a great sense of wonderment and great certainty that we can transform our world and our universe by expanding our awareness of consciousness. In short, this book is ‘The Blue Planet’ on steroids! Jude Currivan is a brilliant scientist; … Read more

‘The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning’ Book Of The Month May 2023

This is a book review with a difference, as I am going to use it to illustrate the importance of you conducting your own critical thinking to any theory, narrative or model being presented to you by anyone. Even the greatest models and theories have flawed assumptions and the more complex the subject matter that … Read more