‘It Didn’t Start with You!’ Book of The Month, January 2024

It Didn’t Start with You!

By Mark Wolynn

Did you realise that some of the emotional scars you carry, that may be having a profound impact on your life, may have originated from a time before your birth or even before your conception!?

After reviewing books about business growth in the last 2 months of the year, it is time for a book about personal growth and it is an intriguing and outstanding one!

The science of ‘Inherited Trauma’ was once considered by many as a ‘woo-woo hippie fad’, however, growing numbers of scientific studies covering epigenetics. and the impact of trauma on the dna in the ovaries and sperm are beginning to make this issue more mainstream.

The science of inherited trauma
‘Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance’ is where a parents trauma gets stored in the dna. The author references this and several other scientific discoveries of ‘inherited trauma’ through-out the book. As he does so, he also spells out that science is still only scratching the surface of understanding ‘how’ the trauma experienced by your parents, grandparents and other family members prior to your birth can impact you.

In the context of ‘traditionally diagnosed trauma’, mental and emotional challenges are traced back to an individual’s own personally experienced pains, challenges and traumas. However, the author recounts over 20 years of helping people unable to resolve challenges using this traditional approach and in this book, he showcases numerous case studies where identifying ‘inherited trauma’ has resolve the issue.

What this book uncovers with years of case studies conducted by the author is the usually hidden link between an individual’s mental / emotional condition and the trauma experienced by relative or ancestor. The author also shares HOW TO HEAL or resolve such an issue. Interestingly, as I have found to be true for some emotional issues, simply ‘identifying what caused the trauma’ is by itself sufficient to enable resolution.

Heal with your parents
In the many tears I have been helping people to maximise their potential, helping people to heal their emotional wounds with their parents has been fundamental. This book endorses this approach and takes it to another level!

At the beginning of the book the author recounts his own journey of healing old emotional wounds, which started when as a young man looking for spiritual growth he was told by 2 different spiritual teachers that he needed to heal with his parents.  In overcoming his resistance to do this his journey as a practicing psychotherapist began.

Case Studies (Jesse)
There are so many interesting case studies documented in the book, so will just outline the first one which is one of Wolynn’s earliest clients called Jesse, this case study sets the foundation for all the other case studies which are remarkably varied.

Jesse was a bright young man who won a top baseball scholarship to a top US University only for his life to fall apart due to chronic insomnia which started just after his 19th birthday. His insomnia led to a diagnosis of depression and the eventual the loss of his scholarship.
He had visited numerous psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, and sleep specialists, none who were able to help resolve Jesse’s condition, Jesse came to the author’s practice almost as a last resort.
The author Wolynn describes how they identified that Jesse had suddenly, shortly after his 19th birthday developed a strange fear when going to sleep “If I fall asleep, I may never wake!” and he would always fell cold. He was constantly too scared to go to sleep.

Wolynn asked Jesse if anyone in his family had had a traumatic experience when they were 19 years of age. Jesse knew that he had an uncle that had died before he was born, but his mum and the rest of the family avoided talking about how he had died as it was so tragic. Jesse found out that shortly after his 19th birthday his uncle had a job laying and repairing eclectic power cables and was working by himself in snowy conditions. As a blizzard developed Jesse’s uncle separated from his vehicle go into trouble and eventually died, losing consciousness, and freezing to death in the snow. Afterwards they could tell from the drag marks in the snow that he had battled for over an hour trying not to lose consciousness and knowing that if he did he would die.

When Jesse learned the full story of his uncle’s death for the first time, he was able to link it to the trauma suffered by his mum and his grandparents when the incident happened. Jesse felt his uncle’s trauma within him release upon realising the links between his condition and his uncle’s trauma. This realisation with some simple healing exercises that the author shares in the book healed Jesse completely of his trauma.

I would suggest that anyone reading the book will be able to relate something of their own journey or something of the journey of people they know to the many case studies in the book. The book is as intriguing as it is enlightening, I believe many people who read it will find significant healing insight within it.


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